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Vyrsa 70V Brass Impact Sprinkler


Details Code Price Quantity  
Brass 25mm Female Impact Sprinkler – Full Circle VYR254 $117.97
 incl GST
Brass 25mm Female Impact Sprinkler – Part Circle VYR254PC $135.40
 incl GST
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The impact sprinkler VYR-70V is a brass full-circle agricultural sprinkler with a 1" female connection.

The main and rear nozzle angle is 26⁰.

The VYR-70V is used in irrigation coverage with medium-high flow to cover the frames cover the sides and corners. This great mechanical and hydraulic design provides very important energy savings and optimal coverage ratio in its distribution.


  • Full Circle Brass Sprinkler
  • 25mm Female Thread
  • Dual Nozzle
  • 26⁰ Main and Secondary Nozzle Trajectory
vyrsa 70v brass impact sprinkler