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Irrometer Tensiometer - Automatic Model 'RA'

Irrometer Tensiometer – Automatic Model ‘RA’


The Automatic Irrometer provides direct switching capabilities thereby allowing the user to control irrigation events. The switch can control a single valve, a group of valves, or the entire irrigation controller. Ideal for managing irrigation based on soil moisture depletion.

Details Code Price Quantity  
Automatic 150mm – Irrometer Model RA IRA606 $485.10
Automatic 300mm – Irrometer Model RA IRA612 $469.80
Automatic 450mm – Irrometer Model RA IRA618 $507.60
Automatic 600mm – Irrometer Model RA IRA624 $522.00
Automatic 900mm – Irrometer Model RA IRA636 $546.30
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Irrometer Tensiometer – Automatic Model ‘RA’


  • Automates IRROMETER instruments to activate switch at moisture set point
  • Available for AC or DC circuits
  • Available with switch open or closed past setting
  • Hermetically sealed to prevent contamination from dirt and moisture
  • Neoprene cover with integral diaphragm compensates for variations in temperature and barometric pressure
  • A service unit is recommended for every new set of Irrometers, service units ensure accuracy and reliability over time.
  • Spare Parts are available
  • Non Automatic Version available