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Puretec Maintenance kit suits Hybrid H9 series systems


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Puretec Maintenance kit suits Hybrid H9 series systems HR-H9 $342.70
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The Hybrid H9 series systems can be conveniently maintained with a comprehensive maintenance kit. This kit consists of a 20-inch MaxiPlus™ pleated sediment filter [PL20MP2], a solid sediment filter [PX01MP2], a replacement UV lamp [RL5], a quartz sleeve [RQS5], and one O-ring.

By having this maintenance kit on hand, you can easily replace the essential components of your Hybrid H9 system to ensure optimal performance and longevity. The MaxiPlus™ pleated sediment filter helps remove larger particles from your water supply, while the solid sediment filter helps remove smaller particles.

The replacement UV lamp and quartz sleeve work together to sterilize and disinfect the water by eliminating harmful bacteria and viruses. With the included O-ring, you can securely and easily replace any worn-out seals to prevent leaks.

  • Maintenance Kit Suits Hybrid

    Maintenance Kit Suits Hybrid G9 / R4 Series

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    Puretec Hybrid G9 | Whole House UV Water Treatment System 20″

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