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Dust Suppression 3 Pod Pack – 32mm – 50m Length


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Dust Suppression 3 Pod Pack - 32mm - 50m Length DS32-3PACK $834.08
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This pack includes:

  • 1 x 300-32-50: 50m Roll of 32mm LDPE Pressure Pipe - 7bar
  • 5 x ALCL32E: Aluminium Type E Camlock 32mm
  • 5 x ALCL32C: Aluminium Type C Camlock 32mm
  • 5 x 30-45/12W4P: S/Steel Hose Clamp 30mm to 45mm
  • 1 x HMS32: Hansen Male Straight Connector
  • 1 x PODTE32: 32mm Irripod Tow eye
  • 3 x IRRW32H-15FM: Irripod White Cover, Black base with Saddle kit High Riser 15mm female BSP
  • 3 x AQ15P-PC: Automat 5022 Plastic Impact Sprinkler 15mm Part Circle with a 23m Throw Radius

Assembling instructions

The assembly process is quite straightforward, just follow the instructions carefully. Here are the steps to assemble a Dust Suppression Pod

For this you are gonna need:

  • A Philips type screwdriver
  • A pipe Cutter
  • A drill with a 15mm bit
  • A wrench
  1. Preparing the pipe

    • Roll out the coil of pipe and allow it to relax
    • Cut 2 15m Lengths and 3 50cm Lengths
    • Starting with the 3 50cm Lengths of pipe, attach an Aluminium Type E Camlock at each end of two of them, and on the last one attach the remaining Type E Camlock on one side and the Tow Eye Fitting on the other side.
    • To each of the 15m Lengths of pipe, attach an Aluminium Type C Camlock fitting using a stainless steel hose clamp to secure the tight union.
    • On the remaining Length of pipe, attach the last Type C Camlock on one side and the Male Straight Connector on the other. (This will be the connection to the water source)
  2. Assembling the Pods

    • Place the black base of the pod first and the Cross Tee Anchor on top aligning the bolt holes. Then slide though the U Threaded bolt from the bottom up.
    • Fit one of the 50cm lengths of pipe on the correct line on the saddle base.
    • Drill a 15mm hole in the middle of the pipe and fit the top of the saddle in it, also aligning the bolt holes of the base and screw it in using a wrench
    • Connect the Automat 5022 15mm Sprinkler to the top of the Saddle
    • For the top of the Pod, place it on top of one of the sides of the base matching the tabs, passing through the sprinkler, making sure you got the right pipe hole size, and firmly push down until the tabs click on both sides, then just screw in the tabs of the pod.
    • To connect the curved holding bar, slide in the two plastic holders to it (one on each side) and then grabbing the bar, slide in one of the arms through one of the connecting sides and firmly push down downwards to the other side until the other arm connects to the other side. Then slide down the plastic connectors until they click in the top of the Pod.
    • Repeat the instructions above with the other 2 pods
  3. Connect the Parts

    • Connect the pipe using the camlocks ends and arrange it to suit your needs.
    • Connect the line to your pump or water source.

Pod assembly example

dust suppression 3 pod pack 32mm 50m length

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