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Arkal 50mm and 80mm Disc Plastic Leader Filters SPARE PARTS


Details Code Price Quantity  
80mm Filter Body Complex (5) 70620-003340 $563.50
 incl GST
50mm Leader Filter Body Complex (5) 70620-003250 $413.77
 incl GST
Arkal 50/80mm Leader Filter Cover (12) AK710101-000055 $227.70
 incl GST
Arkal 50/80mm Leader Spine w/o Stop disc (10) AK710101-000073 $27.34
 incl GST
Arkal 50/80mm Leader Stop Disc (8) AK710101-000134 $7.71
 incl GST
Arkal O-ring Seal for 50/80mm Leader Filter (7) AK5003-1457 $14.86
 incl GST
Cover Wrench for 50mm/80mm filters 70620-004980 $28.75
 incl GST
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These are spare parts for 50mm and 80mm Arkal plastic Filters.

See the diagram to make sure this is the replacement part you are interested in.


#5. 50mm OR 80mm Body Complex (Check item list)

#7. 50mm O-ring Seal (also suitable for Arkal 80mm filters)

#8. 50mm Leader Stop Disc (also suitable for Arkal 80mm filters)

#11. Disc Filter Element

#10. 50mm Leader Spine (also suitable for Arkal 80mm filters)

#12. 50mm Leader Filter Cover/Bowl (also suitable for Arkal 80mm filters)

#13. Cover Wrench for 50mm and 80mm Leader filters


NOTE: Parts may take up to 2 weeks to supply

Arkal 50mm disc filter
  • Arkal Filter

    50mm Arkal ‘Leader’ Disc Filter – (Polypropylene Housing)

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  • 80mm Arkal 'Leader' Disc Filter

    80mm Arkal ‘Leader’ Disc Filter

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