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Amiad 25mm Y Super Filter SPARE PARTS


Details Code Price Quantity  
Amiad 25mm Y Super Housing (1) AM11-1200-1131 $86.65
 incl GST
Amiad 25mm Y Super Lid Only(Comes with Body O-ring) (2) AM11-1201-1100 $60.72
 incl GST
Amiad 25mm Filter Body O-ring (2.1) AM814140000232 $11.14
 incl GST
Amiad 25mm Cylinder O-ring (2 per cylinder) (4.1) AM8114140000227 $9.92
 incl GST
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These are spare parts for Amiad 25mm Y plastic Filter.

See the diagram bellow to make sure this is the replacement part you are interested in.

#1. 25mm Y Super Housing

#2. 25mm Y Super Lid Only

#2.1. 25mm Filter Body O-ring

#4.1. 25mm Cylinder O-ring (2 per cylinder)

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