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Lateral Fittings

Used for:

  • Lateral Pipe
    • SKU: 350-(ID Pipe Size)-(Coil Size)
    • e.g 350-25-100 (25mm = ID Size, 100 = Coil Length)


  • The lateral pipe is referred to by its inside diameter (ID)
  • Lateral fittings are inserted inside the lateral pipe
  • Ratchet Clips are required for lateral fittings
  • Lateral fittings have a single barb
  • To assist in installation, use boiling/hot water to soften the pipe
  • Tool/pliers are recommended for securing ratchet clip

Lateral Fittings vs Dripline Fittings

A confusing area around dripline is the size and correct fittings to use. The industry standard for most dripline is 16mm OD and 14mm ID. These use the dripline double barbed fittings. Even though they say 16mm, they're made for 14mm ID dripline.

The landscape dripline is 13mm ID, meaning you can use either the standard 13mm Lateral fittings or the 16/14mm dripline fittings. The benefits of using the 16mm dripline fittings, you won't have to use the Ratchet Clips, as you do for the Lateral Fittings because of the double barbs. The cons of using the dripline fittings are they are harder to push in.

Lateral Fitting - Single Barb


  • Easier to insert into the tube, due to being 13mm


  • Needs Ratchet Clips to secure correctly
Dripline Fitting - Double barbed


  • No need for Ratchet Clips with double barbed fittings
  • Less spending due to no Clips needed


  • Harder to insert into the tube, due to being 14mm

Tip: Hot/boiling water will loosen the tube for easier insertion.