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Frost Protection Design

How we help you through your frost protection project

frost protection design

What we require from you

A scale plan of the area.

Plant and post spacing.

Elevation differences over the property (contour map if available).

Photos of the area (including trellis set up, shelter belts, storage locations, bore or water take locations).

Details on what water is available, the quantity, quality, and where it will come from.

Plans and details of any existing irrigation or water systems on the property.

Any thoughts on the possibility of water storage and locations for this.

Information of spring frosts in your area,  what type of sensor was used to measure this, and where it was measured. (as many years as is available) Along with any other knowledge of frosts in your area.

Cell phone coverage quality.

Your thoughts of the extent of automating the system – we will go through options with you.

Your thoughts on safety and back up systems – we will go through options with you.

Drainage capability of the area.



Once you have provided as much detail as available, we can start the design process.

During the design stage, there are often compromises that are required - we will take you through the options, benefits and drawbacks of these.

For more information about Frost Protection, check our guide clicking the link bellow:

blueprint 1
blueprint 2