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Sprinkler Throw Range Guide

Use the charts below to give you a rough idea of the average throw radius of the variety of sprinkler in the different applications. Some sprinklers have more of overlap but we have used this chart to guide you when the sprinkler may be better suited for a certain distance.

Micro Garden Sprinklers


Micro-Sprinklers are ideal for garden/flower beds or veggie gardens. There is a variety of micro-sprinklers that you can choose from,

  • Shrubblers are ideal for veggie gardens
  • Jet and Micro Sprays
    • Work well in veggie gardens to cover the larger areas
    • Great for small gardens or flower beds
    • Micro Sprays have a larger selection of spray types and throw distances
  • Rotor Sprays are ideal for larger garden/flower beds
    • only have a 360-degree throw option.

Landscape Pop Up Sprinklers


Landscape pop-up sprinklers can be categorised into three varieties. Spray Nozzles, Rotator Nozzles and Gear Rotor Sprinklers.

Spray Nozzles

  • Ideal for garden/flower beds, small lawn applications or large veggie gardens.
  • Can throw further than 3m but Rotator Nozzles are more efficient at this range.
  • Provide a fine droplet, fan-spray pattern
  • Higher flow rates than Rotator Nozzles

Rotator Nozzles

  • Lower flow rates than the Spray or Gear Rotor Sprinklers
  • The ideal throw range is 3m to 8m
  • Can throw shorter than 3m but lose the consistency
  • Can throw higher than 8m but are more suspectable to wind
  • Best sprinkler nozzle for Lawn application

Gear Rotor 

  • Adjustable to be either a part or full circle sprinkler.
  • Different nozzles inserted into the sprinkler affect the range and flow rate.
  • Standard rack of nozzles provided but can have speciality short-range nozzles sold separately.
  • Ideal for large lawns or commercial areas

Impact Sprinklers


Impact sprinklers are the classic landscape sprinkler that has been in operation for years. The application can range from lawns, commercial areas, to horticulture and agriculture systems

  • Different brands and sprinkler types will have different ranges and flow rates. Be sure to look at the brochures and technical specs of the specific sprinkler.
  • Different nozzles can affect range and flow rates, with some varieties having front and rear nozzles.
  • Available in brass or plastic and full or part circle options