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Valve Box Square with Lid (235mm Base x 235mm – 210mm Depth) – VB6


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Valve Box Square with Lid (235mm Base x 235mm - 210mm Depth) - VB6 VB6 $12.70
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This valve box is made of durable plastic that is designed to resist damage from weather, impact, and UV radiation. It comes with a green lid that blends seamlessly with outdoor surroundings. This valve box provides protection and easy access to irrigation valves, water mains, and other utilities buried underground. It is easy to install and maintain, making it a reliable choice for any outdoor application.


Check Size Chart Bellow for more details

Size Chart

VB Size pic

Product Code

Base 1

Base 2


Top 1

Top 2

Lid 1

Lid 2

Lid Height

VB11-RB 298mm 430mm 150mm 346mm 479mm 282mm 419mm 35mm
VB12-RB 330mm 458mm 304mm 404mm 539mm 282mm 419mm 35mm
VB14-RB 415mm 565mm 300mm 490mm 640mm 381mm 527mm 35mm
VB5 210mm 210mm 155mm 150mm 150mm 153mm 153mm 22mm
VB6 230mm 230mm 210mm 150mm 150mm 153mm 153mm 22mm
VB7 220mm 285mm 212mm 150mm 216mm 180mm 220mm 24mm
VB9 314mm 314mm 260mm 216mm 216mm 218mm 218mm 30mm
VB11-HR 340mm 470mm 162mm 295mm 425mm 253mm 385mm 38mm
VB11 360mm 490mm 172mm 350mm 430mm 330mm 430mm 47mm
VB12 392mm 547mm 310mm 330mm 430mm 330mm 430mm 47mm
VB14 480mm 653mm 320mm 387mm 543mm 380mm 540mm 50mm
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