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Pressure Gauges from 250kPa to 1600kPa


Gauges allow measurement of pressure / vacuum / temperature. Many are for general purpose measurement, though some applications will require calibration / certification.

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S/Steel Bottom Entry – 250 kPa (35psi) 8mm Thread GPBD21251 $34.96
 incl GST
S/Steel Bottom Entry – 400 kPa (60psi) 8mm Thread GPBD21401 $34.96
 incl GST
S/Steel Bottom Entry – 700 kPa (100psi) 8mm Thread GPBD21701 $34.96
 incl GST
S/Steel Bottom Entry – 1000 kPa (150psi) 8mm Thread GPBD21102 $34.96
 incl GST
S/Steel Bottom Entry – 1400 kPa (200psi) 8mm Thread GPBD21142 $34.96
 incl GST
S/Steel Bottom Entry – 1600 kPa (250psi) 8mm Thread GPBD21162 $34.96
 incl GST
S/Steel Rear Entry – 250 kPa (35psi) 8mm Thread GPRD21251 $34.96
 incl GST
S/Steel Rear Entry – 400 kPa (60psi) 8mm Thread GPRD21401 $34.96
 incl GST
S/Steel Rear Entry – 700 kPa (100psi) 8mm Thread GPRD21701 $34.96
 incl GST
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These Pressure gauges are available in various pressure ranges, with either bottom or rear entry point options.

Most gauges are glycerine-filled, which means they are more tolerant to rapid fluctuations in pressure. The liquid dampens out pulsations, reduces wear on moving parts and prolongs the useful life of the gauge.

  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Brass internals
  • Liquid filled
  • Rear entry / Bottom Entry
  • 1/4″ / 8mm thread
  • 63mm face
  • Pressure Test Point Accessories

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  • Hex Socket

    Hansen Hex Socket

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  • Hansen Reducing Bush

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