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Pressure Gauge S/Steel 304 – 63mm Dial


63mm dial
1/4″ thread/ 8mm
Bottom entry
Glycerin filled

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Pressure Gauge 700kPa PG-026L-700 $29.20
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Pressure Gauge 1000kPa PG-026L-1000 $29.20
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Pressure Gauge 1600kPa PG-026L-1600 $29.20
 incl GST
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Case: Stainless steel 304

Accuracy class:
NS63: 2.5%

For measuring points with high dynamic pressure loads and vibrations.
For gaseous and liquid media that are not highly viscous or crystallizing and will not attack copper alloy parts.
Hydraulics, Compressors, shipbuilding.
For measuring medium with strong pulsation or pressure concussion.
Process industry: metallurgical industry, power station, oil industry, chemical industry, and so on.

Vibration and shock-resistant.
With rolled ring, good tightness.
This gauge can measure the average value of the pulsing pressure of the gas or liquid, so that can avoid the damage caused by the strong pulsation and violent shock to ensure the measurement precision.

Ring: Crimped ring, Stainless steel 304

Permissible temperature:
+55 °C gauges with glycerin filling