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Pope Water Weeper Hose


Available in 12mm with crimped fittings for hose connection or in 4mm without fittings.

The 12mm Weeper hose can connect with Hansen 15mm LDPE fittings

The threaded cap on the end of the weeper hose is a non-standard thread.

Details Code Price Quantity  
4mm x 15m – no fittings – micro waterweeper 1011543 $10.19
 incl GST
12mm x 15m – crimped fittings with flow regulator 1011860 $30.82
 incl GST
12mm x 30m – crimped fittings with flow regulator 1011861 $55.29
 incl GST
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  • Ideal for drip style irrigation
  • Ready to connect to garden hose
  • Water slowly seeps into the root zone of plants
  • Minimizes evaporation and water loss
  • Made from recycled rubber
  • 4mm micro x 15m coil, 12mm standard x 15m & 30m coil
  • Efficient and economical watering
  • Can be covered with mulch
  • Ideal use with low pressure systems 3 bar rated
  • Crimped threaded fittings to connect straight onto garden hose


Pope roll out drip watering hose is the ideal way to water garden beds and borders. The Water Weeper seeps water from thousands of tiny pores, minimising loss to evaporation and wind drift. Water reaches the plants root zone promoting strong and healthy plant growth.

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