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Oetiker Stepless Ear Clamps – S/Steel 12mm – 30.1mm


clamps for Single-use systems, Beverage dispensing system, home appliance connections and oil lines.

Details Code Price Quantity  
12mm – 14.5mm (Suits 10mm Lateral) OETIKER10 $1.05
 ex GST
14.1mm – 16.6mm (Suits 13mm Lateral) OETIKER13 $1.09
 ex GST
15.3mm – 18.5mm (Suits 16mm Dripline) OETIKER16DL $1.12
 ex GST
16.6mm – 19.8mm (Suits 17mm Dripline) OETIKER17DL $1.14
 ex GST
17.8mm – 21.0mm, Suits 16mm Lateral OETIKER16 $1.16
 ex GST
19.4mm – 22.6mm (Suits 20mm Dripline) OETIKER20DL $1.19
 ex GST
20.9mm – 24.1mm (Suits 19mm Lateral) OETIKER19 $1.21
 ex GST
26.9mm – 30.1mm (Suits 25mm Lateral) OETIKER25 $1.31
 ex GST
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Product Features:

  • 360° StepLess®: uniform 360° compression and uniform surface pressure.
  • Narrowband: concentrates transmission of clamping force, less weight.
  • Clamp ear: compensates for component tolerances, adjustable surface pressure.
  • Dimple: increases clamping force, spring-effect compensates for changes in diameter due to thermal expansion.
  • Specially formed strip edges: reduced risk of damage to parts being clamped.

Note: All sizes refer to the outside diameter


Single-use systems, Beverage dispensing system, home appliance connections, oil lines.


167Stainless Steel, Material no. 1.4301/UNS S30400

Size range width x thickness
6.5 – 11.8 mm  5.0 x 0.5 mm
11.9 – 120.5 mm  7.0 x 0.6 mm