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Lateral Pipe 25mm – 5 Bar


Novatube 25mm low pressure lateral pipe, available in 25m, 50m, and 100m coils.

Details Code Price Quantity  
25mm x 25m Lateral Pipe 5 bar 350-25-25 $51.92
 incl GST
25mm x 50m Lateral Pipe 5 bar 350-25-50 $103.85
 incl GST
25mm x 100m Lateral Pipe 5 bar 350-25-100 $207.69
 incl GST
25mm x 1000m Lateral Pipe 5 bar (10 x 100m coils) 350-25-100x10 $2,076.90
 incl GST
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  • Low pressure irrigation systems
  • Horticultural
  • Viticultural
  • Landscape
  • Residential


  • 5 Bar rated


Novatube 25mm Lateral Pipe is a low density polyethylene pipe designed specifically for use in low pressure horticultural and viticultural irrigation lateral applications. Novatube is manufactured from precompounded LDPE, ensuring consistent carbon black dispersion to maximise Novatube’s ability to withstand UV degradation.

Lateral Pipe Dimensions

Installation Tip

25mm lateral pipe fittings are pushed into the 25mm Lateral pipe. This is particularly difficult in this pipe, it is recommended to soften the end of the pipe with hot water to make this installation easier.

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