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Netafim White Lateral pipe – 3bar – 200m roll


Netafim LDPE is made from the highest quality low-density polyethylene resin and contains recycled material from Netafim dripperlines. High quality and environmentally sound.

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19mm x 200m Roll – White 19961-119200 $209.30
 incl GST
25mm x 200m Roll – White 19961-125200 $241.50
 incl GST
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Netafim’s best-in-class warranty is one of the longest in the industry, offering growers even more confidence that their Netafim system will run dependably for years and years. We take pride in the quality of our products, and growers can rest assured they are truly protected with products they can depend on that are built to last. This warranty is applicable on all blank polyethylene tubing 1.0mm and upward.



Netafim LDPE is made from the highest quality low-density polyethylene resin and contains recycled material from Netafim dripperlines, which is of high quality and environmentally sound. Available in black, white or purple.





  • Made from the highest quality low-density resins.
  • Contains recycled material from Netafim drip lines.
  • Excellent Ultraviolet (UV) and acid resistance.
  • Bright white co-extruded tubing is opaque (black interior layer) to prevent algae growth and withstand heat and harsh chemicals while producing cooler water temperatures.


  • Tree, vine, permanent row crop and greenhouse or nursery
  • Subsurface, surface and suspension from vine
  • For use with riser lines


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netafim white lateral

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