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Netafim Spray Stake


Details Code Price Quantity  
Yellow Stake – 12 L/hr 22500-001020 $0.27
 ex GST
Green Stake – 17 L/hr 22500-001100 $0.27
 ex GST
Black Stake – 22 L/hr 22500-001220 $0.27
 ex GST
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  • Greenhouse
  • Nursery
  • Pot Plants


  • Allow Distribution of water over relatively large pot plant areas
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 2 Bar
  • Flow Rates:
    • Yellow – 12 L/hr
    • Green – 17 L/hr
    • Black – 22 L/hr
  • Netafim Spray Stakes now have a spray direction indicator for faster, accurate installation. The directional indicator provides a hand-feel as well as a visual cue to the spray direction, so installers don’t need to stop and study each stake to ensure proper spray direction.
  • Netafim Spray Stakes feature close-off capabilities that are simple and quick, remove the tubing from the top of the spray stake and attach the tubing to the close off nipple located on the side of the stake. This eliminates dirt from getting jammed into the tubing and provides a highly visible cue that the stake is closed not open.
  • Allows maximum flexibility in greenhouse and nurseries (with soft PE Micro-Tube)
  • Allows installation with Netafim On-Line PC Drippers, to add compensated and anti-drain functionality.