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Netafim Lateral Pipe 19mm – 3 Bar


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19mm x 25m 350-19-25NET $30.13
 incl GST
19mm x 50m 350-19-50NET $50.03
 incl GST
19mm x 100m 350-19-100NET $74.87
 incl GST
19mm x 200m 350-19-200NET $149.39
 incl GST
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Netafim Lateral Pipe - 3 Bar

  • Netafim manufactures a wide range of diameters of tubing around the world to suit local standards and as such in Australia and New Zealand we offer the 13mm, 16mm, 19mm, 25mm and 32mm, options known as Type 30.
  • All of the coils have a stick-on label as well as being imprinted thermally or with ink to display
    relevant information such as

    • Wall Thickness
    • Internal Diameter
    • Pipe Type
    • Date Timestamp of manufacture
    • Bar Code (Production & Commercial)
    • ISO 9261 compliance
    • Order Number/Coil Number

Free Freight does not apply Coils over 25m length. Please refer to the "Freight Cost" Tab above

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One-off payment for the largest freight item in order


Please Note: Chatham and Stewart Island are not included in this freight calculation and may incur additional costs. This cost calculation is only for North and South Island.