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Rivulis Landscape Dripline 13mm ID Pressure Pressure Compensating


  • Suits 13mm lateral fittings with clips, or 16mm dripline fittings without clips
Details Code Price Quantity  
1.6 L/hr – 30cm Spacing x 50m Coil PC1316030-50 $75.06
 incl GST
1.6 L/hr – 30cm Spacing x 100m Coil PC1316030-1 $131.56
 incl GST
1.6 L/hr – 30cm Spacing x 200m Coil PC1316030-2 $254.37
 incl GST
2.2 L/hr – 30cm Spacing x 50m Coil PC1322030-50 $75.06
 incl GST
2.2 L/hr – 30cm Spacing x 100m Coil PC1322030-1 $131.56
 incl GST
2.2 L/hr – 30cm Spacing x 200m Coil PC1322030-2 $254.37
 incl GST
2.35 L/hr – 60cm Spacing x 100m Coil PC1323560-1 $105.87
 incl GST
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Brand: Rivulis

Pipe Diameter: 13mm

Integral pressure-compensating, 13mm brown heavy wall dripperline

Domestic & light commercial surface and sub-surface applications

13mm Brown Dripperline is the ideal choice for applications involving:

  • Sub-surface or on-surface installations
  • Slopes
  • High wind areas
  • Areas subject to vandalism
  • Planting areas
  • Curved, narrow, and unshaped planting areas
  • Turf, flower beds, trees, and shrubs
  • Rooftop gardens
  • Green walls
  • High traffic or high liability areas
  • Raised planters

Lateral Fittings vs Dripline Fittings

A confusing area around dripline is the size and correct fittings to use. The industry standard for most dripline is 16mm OD and 14mm ID. These use the dripline double barbed fittings. Even though they say 16mm, they're made for 14mm ID dripline.

The Rivulis dripline is 13mm ID, meaning you can use either the standard 13mm Lateral fittings or the 16/14mm dripline fittings. The benefits of using the 16mm dripline fittings, you won't have to use the Ratchet Clips, as you do for the Lateral Fittings because of the double barbs. The cons of using the dripline fittings are they are harder to push in.

Lateral Fitting - Single Barb


  • Easier to insert into the tube, due to being 13mm


  • Needs Ratchet Clips to secure correctly
Dripline Fitting - Double barbed


  • No need for Ratchet Clips with double barbed fittings
  • Less spending due to no Clips needed


  • Harder to insert into the tube, due to being 14mm

Tip: Hot/boiling water will loosen the tube for easier insertion.


Which landscape dripline works for you?

Dripline Matrix Landscape 6 w metzer
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    20mm – 40mm Jimten Filtmaster Disc Filters

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  • Lateral Cross

    Antelco Lateral Cross – 13mm

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  • Antelco Lateral Elbow

    Antelco Lateral Elbow – 13mm

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  • Lateral Joiner

    Antelco Lateral Joiner – 13mm

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  • Antelco Lateral Tee

    Antelco Lateral Tees – 13mm

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  • Green Back Valve Barb 13mm LV13

    Antelco Lateral Valves (Green Back) – 13mm

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  • Ratchet Clips

    Antelco Plastic Ratchet Clips – 13mm

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  • automat filters 2

    Automat Y Type Manual Disc Filters – 20mm to 50mm

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  • Ratchet Clips

    Dripline Ratchet Clip 16mm

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  • reducing joiner

    Dripline to Lateral Reducing Joiner

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  • Netafim Techline Dripline

    Netafim 13mm Landscape Dripperline – Techline AS

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  • Line Indicator flag

    Netafim Line Indicator Flag

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  • norma cobra

    Norma Cobra Clip Hose Clamps – S/Steel Band – 7.0mm/8.0mm wide 8.5mm – 32mm – 15.5mm – 17mm (suits 13mm Lateral & 13mm Dripline)

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  • Senninger Pressure Regulating Landscape Valves

    Senninger Pressure Regulating Landscape Valves 20mm

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