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Netafim 4mm SPE Sprinkler Tube


Netafim Superflex Polyethylene (SPE) Tubing offers all of the advantages of polyethylene (PE) tubing but with additional flexibility.

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4mm (ID) x 6.5mm (OD) Microtube 200m coil, Grey 40000-004850 $209.07
 incl GST
4mm (ID) x 6.5mm (OD) Microtube 200m coil, Black 40000-004800 $174.92
 incl GST
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  • All pipes are manufactured with UV and oxidation protection making them durable to solar radiation without significant damage for at least 50 years.
  • Microorganisms or fungi do not attack PE pipes, either internally or externally.
  • PE pipes are resistant to saline water, acid or alkaline solutions (excluding highly concentrated solutions) and to most substances employed in agricultural applications.
  • Precision manufacturing to ensure the uniformity of internal diameter and wall thickness.
  • Available in grey or black, grey colour is ideal for  keeping the water (thus your plants) cooler
  • Ideal for drippers and micro-irrigation.

ID refers to (Inside diameter)  OD refers to (Outside diameter)

Max Working Pressure (bar) 4.0

  • automat weight

    Automat 4mm tube stabilizer

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    Netafim Dripper Tube Spike

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