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Nelson Spinner S3000 | Center Pivot Sprinkler Components


Details Code Price Quantity  
Grey Spinner Plate – D6-35° NL9557 $13.16
 incl GST
Nelson Spinner S3000 – Grey Cap & Motor NL9540 $26.71
 incl GST
Nelson R3000 & S3000 Sprinkler Body NL9412-2 $5.12
 incl GST
Purple Spinner Plate – D6-20° NL9583 $8.64
 incl GST
Yellow Spinner Plate – Wind Fighter – D6-12° NL10361 $8.64
 incl GST
Red Spinner Plate – D6-12° NL8839-2 $8.64
 incl GST
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The Spinner is a low-pressure alternative to fixed sprayheads, providing higher uniformity with better overlap and lower application rates

Engineered to provide gentle rain at low pressures


Developed as a variation of the original Nelson Pivot Rotator®, the Spinner has proven to be a popular sprinkler choice for use on sensitive crops and soils that do well under a more gentle application of water. The Spinner uses the spinning action of the rotor plate to produce a desirable canopy of droplets. No special mounting assembly required because the Spinner operates without vibration. Retrofit on rigid, semi-rigid, or flexible drop hose assemblies.