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Jimten Male - Female Threaded Reducers

Jimten Male – Female Threaded Reducers


Used for connecting a male thread to a smaller female thread.

Details Code Price Quantity  
15mm male x 20mm female JTRMF1520 $2.10
15mm male x 25mm female JTRMF1525 $2.36
15mm male x 32mm female JTRMF1532 $2.90
15mm male x 40mm female JTRMF1540 $3.71
20mm male x 25mm female JTRMF2025 $2.10
20mm male x 32mm female JTRMF2032 $2.36
20mm male x 40mm female JTRMF2040 $3.71
25mm male x 40mm female JTRMF2532 $3.71
25mm male x 32mm female JTRMF2540 $3.34
32mm male x 40mm female JTRMF3240 $3.71
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