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Irritec Female Threaded Wall Plate for MDPE Pipe


Female Threaded Wall Plate for Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE) Pipe, for securing pipe to a wall and connecting with a male thread.

Please Note: Brass Hose Garden Taps have issues threading directly into the Wall Plate Adaptors. The recommended hose tap fitting is the Brass Hose Tap Long Handle 

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25mm x 20mm Threaded Wall Plate MDTWP25 $10.15
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  • Pressure Rating: 16 Bar, 232 PSI (10 bar,145 PSI for fittings 75mm and above)
  • Temperature Range: -10°C to 45°C (pressure rating decreases above 25°C)
  • Connection Type: Pipe-to-male thread
  • Certification: Watermark Certificate AS/NZS 4129: 2008 for Potable/Drinking Water
  • Compression fitting for MDOD Pipe
  • Fits Redline, Greenline, and Blueline MDOD pipe
  • Compact design for easy installation
  • Pre-lubricated O-ring for easy insertion and to prevent leaks

Tee for Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE) Pipe.


  • Ensure that the cut end of the pipe is squared off and chamfered correctly.
  • Loosen the nut and white grip ring and slide them onto the pipe.
  • Push the pipe past the O-ring and into the fitting.
  • Reinstall the nut and grip ring, tightening them by hand only.
  • Use a suitable tool, such as multi-grips, to tighten the nut on the fitting securely.

Medium Density Fittings

Used for:

  • Medium Density Pipe
    • Blueline
      • SKU: 2500-(OD Pipe Size)PN12-5-(Coil Length)
      • e.g 2500-25PN12-5-100 (25mm = OD size, PN12.5 = Bar, 100 = Coil Length)
    • Redline
      • SKU: 360-(OD Pipe Size)PN(Bar Rate)-(Coil Length)
      • e.g 360-63PN9-100 (63mm = OD size, PN9 = Bar, 100 = Coil Length)
    • Greenline
      • SKU: 370-(OD Pipe Size)PN(Bar Rate)-(Coil Length)
      • e.g 370-32PN8-100 (32mm = OD size, PN8 = Bar, 100 = Coil Length)
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