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Irrometer Tensiometers – Model ‘SR’


Includes reservoir, air free gauge chamber and hermetically sealed Irrometer vacuum gauge with dual scale of centibars and kilopascals (0-100 cb [kpa] range)

Can be used for manual measurement and tracking of soil moisture status for most soil types.

Details Code Price Quantity  
Irrometer Model SR 300mm IR112 $462.98
 incl GST
Irrometer Model SR 150mm IR106 $347.76
 incl GST
Irrometer Model SR 450mm IR118 $480.37
 incl GST
Irrometer Model SR 600mm IR124 $496.43
 incl GST
Irrometer Model SR 900mm IR136 $531.21
 incl GST
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Irrometer Tensiometers Model 'SR'

The IRROMETER was first developed in 1951 to help growers improve irrigation efficiency. It provides the user with accurate information on soil moisture status regardless of soil type.

The instrument measures in centibars (cb) or kilopascals (kPa) of soil water tension. This value represents the energy a plant’s root system used to draw water from the soil.

Understanding soil moisture activity helps the user make informed irrigation scheduling decisions resulting in improved yield and quality while reducing water, fertilizer, labor and energy costs.


  • 0-100 cb (kPa) range gauge
  • Replaceable ceramic tip (white)
  • Air-free gauge gives accurate readings
  • Large reservoir makes maintenance easy
  • Hermetically sealed gauge designed for harsh environments
  • A service unit is recommended for every new set of Irrometers, service units ensure accuracy and reliability over time.
  • Spare Parts are available
  • Automatic Version available

Hermetically Sealed Gauge — Accuracy and long life are ensured by a hermetically sealed cover with a molded-in diaphragm which keeps dirt and moisture out and compensates for variations in temperature and barometric pressure.

Air-Free Gauge — The water seal prevents air from entering gauge, as gauge and chamber remain full regardless of fluid level in instrument.

The Irrometer Body — is constructed of tough durable plastic impervious to attack by soil chemicals or electrolysis

Closure — Large cap for easy operation and better control. Cap removes for filling reservoir. Submerged valve gives a positive leak proof seal. Servicing is instantaneous – a twist of the wrist.

Reservoir — holds a reserve supply of fluid sufficient for several irrigation cycles under average operating conditions. Unscrewing cap part way releases air and fills tube to replace fluid lost by the action of drying soil.

Ceramic Tip — Replaceable tip is easy to service in the field and has many times the strength of conventional tips. It is more porous to give quick response to variations in soil moisture.

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