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Sprinkler Stand Assembly w/ Galvanised Rod



  • 8mm x 1.2m Galvanized Rod
  • 9mm x 1.2m PE Tube
  • Sprinkler Adaptor – 15mm Female Thread x 9mm Barb
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Sprinkler Stand Assembly w/ Galvanised Rod AQ22U + GS120-8 $9.64
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This assembly is ideal for use with impact sprinklers that have a 15mm male thread. Used to increase sprinkler throw distance/radius for wider coverage of irrigation.

We have a large range of impact sprinklers. Sprinklers with 15mm Male Threads are suitable for use with this assembly.

The sprinkler stand has a 15mm female threaded connection for the sprinkler, the 10mm tube has a barb and grommet connection for installation into 32mm LDPE pipe and bigger. The grommet is installed by drilling a 10mm hole into the LDPE pipe and inserting. For connection to smaller than 32mm pipes use a 10mm lateral male director with thread to connect to a female threaded tee or tapping saddle. Alternatively, a lateral reducing joiner to 10mm will connect to the 9mm sprinkler tube.