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Hunter Node Battery Powered Controller


For isolated sites, power-restricted areas, or the special needs of drip zones, the Hunter Node is the smart, reliable solution. The Node mounts to a valve solenoid quickly and easily, and without screws, drills or additional wires. The unit’s solid construction and waterproof exterior ensure it can handle the harsh environment of a valve box. Once placed in a valve box, the Node is operated by one or two 9V batteries, which provide standard or extended power throughout the season.

Details Code Price Quantity  
Node-100 w DC Latching Solenoid and 25mm Valve – Single Station Controller NODE-100-VALVE $284.95
 incl GST
Node-100 w DC Latching Solenoid – Single Station Controller ( Valve not included) NODE-100 $249.85
 incl GST
Node-200 – Two Station Battery Operated Node Controller (valve and solenoid not included) NODE-200 $343.45
 incl GST
Node-400 – Four Station Battery Operated Node Controller (valve and solenoid not included) NODE-400 $405.40
 incl GST
Node-600 – Six Station Battery Operated Node Controller (valve and solenoid not included) NODE-600 $468.03
 incl GST
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  • Standard Hunter controller programming is easy to program as any other Hunter controller. 3 programs (A, B, C) and up to 4 start times each
  • Control up to six zones Models available in 1, 2, 4, and 6 station operation
  • Waterproof and fully submersible to 12'/3.7 m No moisture intrusion, even in flooded valve box environments
  • Long battery life, Operates on one or two 9 volt batteries to ensure long operation
  • Rain Sensor compatible, ensuring irrigation does not occur during rain events by connecting a Rain sensor
  • Master Valve compatible, Ability to operate a master valve (only available with 2, 4, or 6 station models)
  • Compatible with Hunter Solar Panel, Maintenance free operation and no need to change or check battery condition
  • Seasonal Adjustment (10-150%) allows for quick changes to all run times through a percentage scale
  • 2 years warranty

Brand: Hunter


Along with exceptional reliability, the Node features an easy-to-program LCD screen, the ability to control a Master Valve, and uses standard Hunter controller programming with 3 programs and 4 start times per program. The array of programming options and rugged reliability make the Node a compact, but powerful irrigation controller with the flexibility of battery power.

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