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Hunter I-Core

Hunter I-Core Controller


The Hunter I-Core is a 6 zone controller which is expandable to 24 Zones by adding the ICM600 6 Zone expansion module. 12,18,24 I-Core Controllers are sold with the ICM600 expansion module bundled.

Details Code Price Quantity  
Hunter I-Core 6 Zone Modular in Plastic Case IC601 $501.50
Hunter I-Core 12 Zone Modular in Plastic Case IC601+ICM600 $628.15
Hunter I-Core 18 Zone Modular in Plastic Case IC601-ICM600x2 $754.80
Hunter I-Core 24 Zone Modular in Plastic Case IC601-ICM600X3 $881.45
Hunter I-Core 30 Zone Modular in Plastic Case IC601-ICM600X4 $1,008.10
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  • Number of stations: 6 to 42 (48 stations with DUAL decoders)
  • Type: Modular
  • Enclosure: Outdoor, plastic or metal
  • Independent programs: 4
  • Start times per program: 8 (A, B, C); 16 (D)
  • Max. station run time: 12 hrs
  • Warranty period: 5 years


The I-Core is Hunter’s controller for demanding commercial and high-end residential applications. Loaded with innovative features like state of the art flow monitoring, quick system overview access, a factory-installed SmartPort, six language capability, and a bold, back-lit display, the I-Core should be considered for most high-end irrigation projects. A big reason the I-Core is so unique is its sheer versatility. The plastic cabinet version is expandable from 6 to 30 stations, and the metal cabinet model can handle up to 42. Adding a DUAL two-wire module can even expand station capability to 48. Stainless steel and pedestal models are also available, providing a broad range of enclosure choices. With other add-on options like a ROAM or ROAM XL remote and the built-in conservation-focused Solar-Sync, I-Core’s possibilities are all but limitless.