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Hunter Golf Rotor Service Tools


Details Code Price Quantity  
“T” Handle Tool HU319100 $5.85
 incl GST
Snap Ring Removal Tool HU251000 $54.19
 incl GST
Valve & Snap Ring Insertion/Removal Plier, suits series G800 HU475600 $91.43
 incl GST
Valve Insertion/Removal Tool, suits series G800 HU604000 $286.02
 incl GST
Nozzle Removal/Installation Tool, suits series G85B/G885 short and mid-range nozzles HU803700 $59.08
 incl GST
Arc Adjustment/Riser Hold-up Tool, suits series G85B/G885 HU382800 $8.30
 incl GST
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A full range of convenient service tools and auxiliary items for irrigation systems that save time and make jobs easier.

  • g 80

    Hunter G-80 Rotor Sprinkler

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  • g880

    Hunter G880 Rotor Sprinkler

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  • g990

    Hunter G990 Rotor Sprinkler

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