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Hansen Medium Density Tee


Used for connecting medium density polyethylene pipe.

Details Code Price Quantity  
Hansen 20mm Medium Density Tee HMDT20 $9.64
 ex GST
Hansen 25mm Medium Density Tee HMDT25 $11.42
 ex GST
Hansen 32mm Medium Density Tee HMDT32 $14.79
 ex GST
Hansen 40mm Medium Density Tee HMDT40 $25.19
 ex GST
Hansen 50mm Medium Density Tee HMDT50 $32.43
 ex GST
Hansen 63mm Medium Density Tee HMDT63 $48.91
 ex GST
Hansen 75mm Medium Density Tee HMDT75 $93.20
 ex GST
Hansen 90mm Medium Density Tee HMDT90 $149.12
 ex GST
Hansen 110mm Medium Density Tee HMDT110 $237.66
 ex GST
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  • Manufactured in NZ using Best Quality Materials to withstand the harshest weather conditions
  • Proven O-Ring seal for reliable leak free connections
  • Potable (Drinking) water compatible
  • Easy Grip Nuts for rapid winding onto pipe
  • Sleek, Compact Design for easy installation
  • Dependable High Quality Threaded components

Medium Density Fittings

Used for:

  • Medium Density Pipe
    • Blueline
      • SKU: 2500-(OD Pipe Size)PN12-5-(Coil Length)
      • e.g 2500-25PN12-5-100 (25mm = OD size, PN12.5 = Bar, 100 = Coil Length)
    • Redline
      • SKU: 360-(OD Pipe Size)PN(Bar Rate)-(Coil Length)
      • e.g 360-63PN9-100 (63mm = OD size, PN9 = Bar, 100 = Coil Length)
    • Greenline
      • SKU: 370-(OD Pipe Size)PN(Bar Rate)-(Coil Length)
      • e.g 370-32PN8-100 (32mm = OD size, PN8 = Bar, 100 = Coil Length)


  • Medium-density pipe is referred to by its outside diameter (OD)
  • Medium Density Fittings go overtop of MD Pipe
  • The pipe needs to be pushed past the o-ring in the MD fitting to seal
  • If the MD pipe is scratched or gouged, it may not create a seal on the o-ring and leak.
  • Use tools to tighten