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Hansen Medium Density Reducing Bracket Elbow


Please Note: Brass Hose Garden Taps have issues threading directly into the Bracket Elbow Adaptors. The recommended hose tap fitting is the Brass Hose Tap Long Handle 

Details Code Price Quantity  
20mm MD x 15mm BSP HMDRBE2015 $23.82
 ex GST
25mm MD x 15mm BSP HMDRBE2515 $23.82
 ex GST
25mm MD x 20mm BSP HMDRBE2520 $23.82
 ex GST
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  • Manufactured in New Zealand using Best Quality Materials to withstand the harshest weather conditions
  • Largest Medium Density fitting range made in New Zealand
  • Only Approved Medium Density range made in New Zealand
  • O-Ring is pre-lubricated for easy pipe insertion and reliable leak-free connections
  • Manufactured from UV Stabilised High-Quality Virgin Polypropylene giving weather, termite, fungi and bacterial resistance
  • High-Pressure Rating
  • Sleek, Compact Design for easy installation
  • Easy Grip Nuts for rapid winding onto the pipe
  • Dependable High-Quality Threaded Components
  • Potable (Drinking) water approved

Medium Density Fittings

Used for:

  • Medium Density Pipe
    • Blueline
      • SKU: 2500-(OD Pipe Size)PN12-5-(Coil Length)
      • e.g 2500-25PN12-5-100 (25mm = OD size, PN12.5 = Bar, 100 = Coil Length)
    • Redline
      • SKU: 360-(OD Pipe Size)PN(Bar Rate)-(Coil Length)
      • e.g 360-63PN9-100 (63mm = OD size, PN9 = Bar, 100 = Coil Length)
    • Greenline
      • SKU: 370-(OD Pipe Size)PN(Bar Rate)-(Coil Length)
      • e.g 370-32PN8-100 (32mm = OD size, PN8 = Bar, 100 = Coil Length)


  • Medium-density pipe is referred to by its outside diameter (OD)
  • Medium Density Fittings go overtop of MD Pipe
  • The pipe needs to be pushed past the o-ring in the MD fitting to seal
  • If the MD pipe is scratched or gouged, it may not create a seal on the o-ring and leak.
  • Use tools to tighten