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Hansen Knuckle Union – Individual Components


Left is a parts guide to help in selecting the correct components for your unique configuration.

Note that all configurations must include both a socket and ball part, which are joined by a common center nut.

The common nut is included with all socket side parts.

Details Code Price Quantity  
Hansen KU 20mm Ball Female Threaded KUB20F $7.34
 ex GST
Hansen KU 25mm Ball Female Threaded KUB25F $7.75
 ex GST
Hansen KU 32mm Ball Female Threaded KUB32F $8.30
 ex GST
Hansen KU 20mm Ball Poly Tail KUB20P $8.87
 ex GST
Hansen KU 25mm Ball Poly Tail KUB25P $9.57
 ex GST
Hansen KU 32mm Ball Poly Tail KUB32P $10.05
 ex GST
Hansen KU 20mm Socket – Male Thread KUS20M $7.30
 ex GST
Hansen KU 25mm Socket – Male Thread KUS25M $7.90
 ex GST
Hansen KU 32mm Socket – Male Thread KUS32M $8.30
 ex GST
Hansen KU 20mm Socket – Poly Tail KUS20P $8.88
 ex GST
Hansen KU 25mm Socket – Poly Tail KUS25P $9.57
 ex GST
Hansen KU 32mm Socket – Poly Tail KUS32P $10.05
 ex GST
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  • Used to connect and disconnect pipe work or valves quickly and easily from pumps and existing installations
  • Ultimate flexibility around pumps
  • Quick connect/disconnect solution around pumps or along the trunk of a pipe
  • 9º ‘Knuckle’ movement providing greater flexibility at installation time, removing the necessity of the pipe work having to line up exactly with your pump
  • Pump can easily be removed or installed from system for servicing by undoing common nut
  • Pump can be misaligned from pipe work by a total of 9º
  • Multiple configurations enables this fitting to meet the needs of just about any situation
  • Ability to connect to poly pipe applications directly from the pump or in-line
  • Fits onto the extensive range of Hansen Easy Fit & True Fit Pipe Fittings