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Clear PVC Tube

PVC Clear Tube


Priced by the metre

Details Code Price Quantity  
3.2mm – per metre PVC-30-1003 $0.46
 ex GST
4.8mm – per metre PVC-30-1004 $0.70
 ex GST
5.5mm – per metre PVC-30-1005 $1.00
 ex GST
6.4mm – per metre PVC-30-1006 $1.06
 ex GST
7.9mm – per metre PVC-30-1008 $1.42
 ex GST
9.5mm – per metre PVC-30-1010 $2.00
 ex GST
11mm – per metre PVC-30-1011 $2.88
 ex GST
13mm – per metre PVC-30-1013 $2.98
 ex GST
16mm – per metre PVC-30-1016 $3.82
 ex GST
19mm – per metre PVC-30-1019 $5.68
 ex GST
25mm – per metre PVC-30-1025 $9.38
 ex GST
32mm – per metre PVC-30-1032 $16.38
 ex GST
38mm – per metre PVC-30-1038 $19.04
 ex GST
51mm – per metre PVC-30-1051 $26.32
 ex GST
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Crystal Clear Non Toxic PVC tube for low pressure applications suitable for portable water, lab testing, food stuffs and beverages. Ideal for low pressure pneumatic lines, liquid transfer and vacuum.

Minimum Working Temperature: -15°C

Maximum Working Temperature: +60°C

Material: Non Toxic Tube (Food Grade)



Inside Diameter Wall Thickness
3.2mm 0.9mm
4.8mm 0.9mm
5.5mm 1.2mm
6.4mm 1.3mm
7.9mm 1.4mm
9.5mm 1.7mm
11mm 2mm
13mm 2mm
16mm 2mm
19mm 2.4mm
25mm 3mm
32mm 4.2mm
38mm 4.2mm
51mm 4.2mm

Material Description: Food Contact Flexible PVC Compound. The material is manufactured with ingredients approved under AS2070 Part 8 for aqueous food contact.

Application: Extruded tubing for aqueous food contact. This product has been used for soft drink flavours etc, however some beverages with delicate flavours eg. beer and wine, should be checked. Not suitable for prolonged outdoor exposure.

Chemical Resistance: Resistant to dilute acids and alkalo at room temperature. Rapid degradation upon contact with acetals and amine containing materials during processing