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PVC Solvent Cement

Christy’s Amigo PVC Solvent Cement


Christy’s Amigo high strength PVC solvent cement used on all classes of PVC pressure pipe and fittings. Recommended for sizes up to 100mm.

Details Code Price Quantity  
PVC Solvent Cement 118ml (dries clear) AMIGO118 $17.80
PVC Solvent Cement 236ml (dries clear) AMIGO236 $25.40
PVC Solvent Cement 473ml (dries clear) AMIGO473 $39.90
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Amigo is a clear, regular-bodied, fast-setting PVC solvent cement. Amigo is designed to be used on all schedules and classes of PVC pipe through 100mm diameter, except Schedule 80.


COLOR: Clear (Dries Clear)

VISCOSITY (Brookfield): Minimum 100 cps @ 22.78° C ± 1.2


Handling and Packaging

The “shelf life” of Amigo is 3 years in an unopened can from the date stamped on the can. Always seal the can tightly between uses, to prevent the solvent from becoming thickened, stringy or jelled. If the solvent becomes thickened, stringy or jelled, dispose of properly, it cannot be “re-activated” or thinned.

Special Considerations

For safety and health precautions please consult our Material Safety Data Sheet on this product. Always use in a well-ventilated environment. Never test with compressed gas or air. For solvent cementing in very cold conditions, please consult our cold weather guidelines. Always wear safety gloves and avoid spills.