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Blueline Medium Density Pipe – PN12.5


Limit 2 per customer during Alert Level 4

Metric blueline pipe can be used in domestic and commercial plumbing applications and is suitable for use with rainwater and mains water situations

Details Code Price Quantity  
20mm x 1m | PN12.5 2500-20PN12-5-1 $2.76
20mm x 25m | PN12.5 2500-20PN12-5-25 $49.88
20mm x 50m | PN12.5 2500-20PN12-5-50 $99.77
20mm x 100m | PN12.5 2500-20PN12-5-100 $199.52
25mm x 1m | PN12.5 2500-25PN12-5-1 $3.43
25mm x 25m | PN12.5 2500-25PN12-5-25 $62.21
25mm x 50m | PN12.5 2500-25PN12-5-50 $124.40
25mm x 100m | PN12.5 2500-25PN12-5-100 $248.80
32mm x 25m | PN12.5 2500-32PN12-5-25 $87.75
32mm x 50m | PN12.5 2500-32PN12-5-50 $175.50
32mm x 100m | PN12.5 2500-32PN12-5-100 $351.01
40mm x 25m | PN12.5 2500-40PN12-5-25 $117.87
40mm x 50m | PN12.5 2500-40PN12-5-50 $235.77
40mm x 100m | PN12.5 2500-40PN12-5-100 $471.50
50mm x 25m | PN12.5 2500-50PN12-5-25 $200.38
50mm x 50m | PN12.5 2500-50PN12-5-50 $366.21
50mm x 100m | PN12.5 2500-50PN12-5-100 $732.42
63mm x 25m | PN12.5 2500-63PN12-5-25 $236.92
63mm x 50m | PN12.5 2500-63PN12-5-50 $493.59
63mm x 100m | PN12.5 2500-63PN12-5-100 $987.18
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Limit 2 per customer during Alert Level 4


  • Water distribution for town, rural & irrigation projects
  • Rider mains for for urban water supply
  • Cold water plumbing reticulation
  • Household water connections from the main supply


Blueline is made from metric sized, flexible PE80 (MDPE) polyethylene to international standards. Blueline is coloured with a light blue co-extruded jacket and black inner. Blueline is a reliable, economical system which maintains a consistent water pressure rating across a wide range of sizes. MDPE is a popular material for urban water supply and is lightweight, strong and flexible.

Blueline is manufactured in accordance with AS/NZS 4130 “PE Pipes for Pressure Applications” using pre-compounded materials conforming to AS/NZS 4131 “PE Compounds for Pressure Pipes and Fittings”. Blueline PE pressure pipes are independently certified in accordance
with the test requirements of AS/NZS 4130. Standards Mark License number SMK20400.

Medium Density Pipe Dimensions 

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