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How to Test My Water Pressure

Testing Procedure

The tap which is to be used for the irrigation will need to be tested.

  1. Assemble the Pressure Test Kit as shown in the images below
  2. Connect the tester kit to the tap, a standard 20mm thread
  3. Open the valve on the tester and turn the tap on fully open
    1. Time how long it takes to fill a measured bucket
    2. Record the pressure on the gauge, it should read close to zero
  4. Turn the valve on the tester off and record the pressure on the gauge
  5. Turn the valve off and then open slowly, until the gauge reads 1.5 bar, measure the time it takes to fill the bucket and record
  6. Repeat this with the gauge reading 2.5 and 3.5 bar
  • pressure test kit partsa

    Pressure Test Kit – 20mm

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