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Controller Wiring Guide

Wiring Diagram

In the diagram below, you see a clear example of the wiring for a four-valve controller system.

1 - The "P" wire

  • The wire connecting to the master valve

2 - The Master Valve

  • The master valve is an isolating valve that is an additional feature on certain controllers. A master valve will isolate your irrigation system and minimize water leaks.

3 - The Common Wire

  • The common wire needs to connect to every valve that will be communicating with the controller.

4 - The Station Wires

  • Depending on the size of the controller, you will have many station zones. In this example of 8 zone controller and stations, 1 to 4 are currently used in the diagram. Each valve needs its individual station wire; 1 zone cannot control two valves.

How to Install Wire Gel Connectors

3M Con3way

For the Con3way connectors, you need to make sure you strip the wires correctly and have them pushed past the connection line of the connector.

If that Cap has come off, you may be able to still use the connector, but if the gel inside has run out or spilt, it may compromise the connection.

Con3way connect all the wire inserted into them together. These are ideal for common wires where you need to connect all the valves to the same circuit.

Please note: that the colours of the wires below are just an indication for educational purposes. The Colours of the wires on most solenoid coils are just a helpful indication and you can connect to either wire.

The common wire needs to connect to all of the solenoid coils connecting to the controller.

3M Con2way

Con2way Gel connectors are similar to the Con3way's but go straight through. There is a middle line that separates the wires so you only connect to the wire coming in opposite direction.

In the first example below,

  • Red connects to Red - Common Wire
  • Green connects to Black - Station Wire

These gel connectors are ideal for single station valve boxes, where you are only wiring up one valve, or to organise the valve box like the below examples.


King Nut Connectors

Wire Nut Connector


Gel Connector DRB-Y-4
Gel Connector DRB-Y-3