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Product Guide

Controller Wiring Guide

June 24th, 2020

Controller Wiring Guide

In the diagram below, you see a clear example of the wiring for a four valve controller system.

1 - The "P" wire

  • The wire connecting to the master valve

2 - The Master Valve

  • The master valve is an isolating valve that is an additional feature on certain controllers. A master valve will isolate your irrigation system and minimize water leaks.

3 - The Common Wire

  • The common wire needs to connect to every valve that will be communicating with the controller.

4 - The Station Wires

  • Depending on the size of the controller, you will have number station zones. In this example of 8 zone controller and stations, 1 to 4 are currently in use in the diagram. Each valve needs its individual station wire, 1 zone cannot control two valves.

Garden Tap Kit Guide

May 05th, 2020

Brass Tap Kit

The brass tap kit is our collection of products to provide an easy and effective solution to set up an irrigation system and still have access to your house tap. Using a combination of thread tape and sealant you can tightly secure your brass tap kit to a watertight position.

The Brass Ball valve allows you to isolate the irrigation system while still being able to run the garden tap.

The Backflow Prevention Kit is available and depending on your location the council may require you to use one. Backflow preventers stop the risk of your irrigation water contaminating the main water supply line if backflow occurs

Installing the tap kit involves two to three wraps of thread tape and cover with Weld-On Sealant. This allows for a watertight connection. For connecting to a home tap, you may need to be cautious of how many rotations needed to tighten the setup and whether one more rotation will align straight. We like to connect the Tee, Ball valve and Tap before connecting to the house, you can use the setup for leverage in small spaces and help you align straight. Thread tape and sealant is not required after the ball valve as this is where the water pressure is held.


The Wingback/Wall Pates and Bracket elbows are the alternative options in connection the Brass Tap Kits. The Plasson Wingback and Jimten Wall Plates allow you to connect directly into medium density pipe e.g. mains water pipe. The MD connection works the same as the retrospective brands and may need tightening with a tool.

The Low-Density Bracket Elbow from Hansen allows you to use one fitting to connect to Low-Density pipe


Poly Pipe Guide for Irrigation Systems

April 29th, 2019


The different types of Polyethylene Pipe in the New Zealand Market cause headaches for many people trying to figure out what pipe they need, or already have on there property and matching this up with the fittings they need.

Simple Explanation:
It’s a long story but to make it short LDPE, is only made in NZ and Australia, its measurement is based on the internal size of the pipe, MDPE is made worldwide and is measured on the external diameter of the pipe. Horticultural Lateral Tube is used for connection of sprinklers and drippers. These pipes use different fittings, click on the links below to see what the fittings look like

The Manufacturers

There are 6 main manufacturers of Poly pipe and there are numerous New Zealand based and international suppliers of fittings for the pipe, all making for confusing times for those who are new to choosing pipe and fittings.

Pipe Measurements

The Pipe is made to NZ standards and this table below details Pipe diameters in NZ

There will be slight variations between manufacturers in these measurements. These measurement are based off the RX Pipe Guide

If you find you need to measure pipe regularly use the Hansen pipe measuring tool.

NB: This explanation has excluded PE pipe for Civil use and Effluent Pipe

Below are details of the different brands and manufacturers, this may not be a complete list but it is to my knowledge

Major Pipe Brands

Low Density

  • Iplex - Novathene
  • RX Plastics - LDPE
  • Marley - Enduro Flex, 950 Series
  • Rural Direct - LDPE
  • Waters and Farr - Imperial LDPE

Fittings to Use

Medium Density

  • Iplex - Greenline, Redline, Blueline, Blackline, Rural Black, Effluent
  • RX Plastics - MDOD, MDID (MDID pipe uses LDPE fittings)
  • Marley - Oasis
  • Asmuss Water Systems
  • Waters and Farr

Fittings to Use


  • Iplex - Novatube (5bar)
  • RX Plastics - Hort Lat Tube (3bar), Horticultural Lateral Tube (5bar)
  • Wetta - Lateral (3bar)
  • Rural Direct - Lateral (3bar)
  • Waters and Farr - Hi Pol

Fittings to use

Valve Box Layout

March 26th, 2019


Hunter Solenoid Valves

The standard solenoid valve that we recommend is the 25mm solenoid valve by Hunter Industries that is perfect for your landscape and household sprinkler systems


The Valve Box 9 is the standard size for a household and will fit for most landscape projects. This valve box can easily fit 1 valves but can manage 2.


The Valve Box 10 is the standard size for a household and will fit for most landscape projects. This valve box can easily fit 2 valves but can manage 3.


The Valve Box 11 is the standard size for a household and will fit for most landscape projects. This valve box can easily fit 3 valves but can manage 4.